US Patent #8,997,627 Issued April 7 2015

I am pleased to announce the culmination of a lengthy process begun more than three years earlier.

The patent was first viewable at I was amazed how quickly they put up a link appearing to be my agent. But I guess that is their business model. Then just a few days later I started receiving junk-mail with offers for framed certificates, plaques, and even a coin with the number embossed in a dedicated flat area. Wow! An entire industry...

STXVI domain returned to service

Norwalk, CT -- 13 March 2015,

Solar & Thermal has acquired the domain and returned it to service to host the new website uning Drupal. The current site was created with Microsoft FrontPage 2000 which is rather long in the tooth and requires 'extensions' on the server.

The revamp was necessary to provide pages for a Crowd Source campaign intended to bring an Ultra Clean Wood Stove to market.

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